Proverbs 21: The Victory is His!

Proverbs 21: The Victory is His!

Proverbs 21: The Victory is His!


“The horse is made ready for the day of battle, but victory rests with the Lord.”
Proverbs 21:31 

In Proverbs 21:31, Solomon very wisely tells us that while the soldier makes all the necessary preparations, the victory belongs to the Lord. Not only does the victory belongs to God, but the battle itself belongs to Him.

When I was in college, I played on the men’s basketball team. Our team was not very good. In fact, my freshman year we only won 3 games, and one of those games was a forfeit win because one of the players from the other team was academically ineligible. So, we were really bad.

The one good thing we had going for us was our senior guard. He averaged 25 points per game and pretty much did everything on the court. I remember one of the two actual victories we had, was against a conference rival. Leading up to the game, I was so tired of losing and I decided that I was going to work my butt off to prepare for this game. I studied film. I got to practice an hour early the entire week. I spent extra time in the weight room. If we were going to lose, it wasn’t going to be because of me. 

Game day finally arrived and I was ready! From the opening tip-off, I was feeling it. I hit 5 three-pointers in the first half and I was having the game of my life. I was playing great defense and had a handful of rebounds. I was feeling awfully good about myself as I walked into the locker room at halftime. That was until I looked up at the score and realized we were actually losing by 24 points.

Our senior guard got in foul trouble and had to sit out most of the first half. However, once the second half started, he caught fire. He took us on his back and brought us back to win the game. I didn’t score a single point in the second half, but I couldn’t have been happier.

No matter how good we are, we will never be in God’s league. Every battle we fight, every struggle we face, God is right there fighting for us. The reason I was so happy after that victory, was because I didn’t have to carry the weight of the game. I did my part. I prepared. But there was someone else whose job it was to take us to victory. 

We need to prepare for battle. We need to come alongside each other and stand with our brothers and fight, but no matter how much we prepare, victory is impossible without God. Simply put, it’s His job.

Today’s Training:
What are you doing to prepare for battle? Have you done what God has called you to do? Think about the battles that you face on a regular basis and figure out if you are fighting alone or have you put your trust and faith in the only one who can guarantee victory?