Building the way – a road needs resources

Building the way – a road needs resources

The Joshua Commission wants to pray for the families of all those who lost their lives on September 11.  We do not want to ever forget the shock and tragedy our nation experienced on that horrific morning. Our nation dramatically changed that day, as the enemy rose from within our borders. We give thanks for all the heroes who ran into danger that day, and for years following that.  It is with heartfelt emotions that TJC offers our prayer for all the men and women who place the lives of others over their own:

“Father God we on this day of remembrance of loss, and also truly heroic acts of courage ask for your abundant grace upon the families of all those that died and also those that attempted to save their fellow countrymen.  We also ask you to bring this country back into your grace upon this country may we once again be a nation under God, not Democratic nor Republican but a nation truly under God.”

Building the way – a road needs resources


“But my God shall supply all your needs according to his riches in glory by Christ Jesus”  Philippians 4:19  (KJV)

The roads you travel daily were once just fields of dirt, trees and rock.  A decision was made that we needed a better way to go from point a to point b conveniently.  Surveyors were brought in to map out the coordinates. Funds were allocated to: build the road; get the right equipment; and get expert planners, builders and support. This takes planning, teamwork and intentional savings and allocation of funds. This does not happen overnight. It takes vision, sacrifice and commitment. This applies to every destination we undertake in our lives.

We all have boundaries, they may be based upon lifestyle, where we live and or, the families around us; and almost everything is rooted in finances. Those finances have roots in education.  Education has its roots in your own personal abilities and desires for knowledge.

Paul to the church in Philippi “God shall supply all your (wants?)(no!) but needs.”

So what are our needs? I’d love to drive a new car, but the real decision should be do I need this new car now?  That process should apply to virtually everything we think we need.

Where do we acquire these resources? Live below your means—setting a budget and saving money is absolutely essential. If you’re fortunate to be married, this needs to be a joint decision and operating from a shared budget.

Above all, give back to God. We do not propose a prosperity doctrine, but we are ordered to give a portion back to God. Then set aside a part of your salary for emergencies and another part for the dreams of tomorrow. There are great resources, likely even in your own church to help you build your financial future such as Dave Ramsey and Crown Financial Ministries.

Your relationships are critical to your path. Many different hands were used to build the road your travel.  You need to be in a community of believers to help you. Your Christian neighbor might be the plumber you need, and you might be the tax consultant he or she needs. As Christians, we are part of the family of God with many talents spread across us- learn how to share and use one another’s skills.

Each of us is going to come to a place on our road where we are going to ask ourselves did I do enough, did I say the right words.  Why did this happen, why is this happening in my life now?  What do I do now?  Life changes and so do you,but make sure you have a group of men that you can call for “help” at 2:30 in the morning and not get hung up on.  Find and join a group of men you can work and  fight alongside.  You were never designed to do this alone, there is more than just power within a group there is camaraderie and combined knowledge.

This group of men who make up The Joshua Commission will make mistakes, will and do have errors in judgment:  we are imperfect men willing to fight for the supremacy of God here on earth.   Join us and help fill the gaps we have.

And the closer – make sure you read the Bible and talk to God daily.  Listen to what He has set for you today.  Then carry out His Plan, His Way, traveling the road He has for you today.  Your road will be different than mine, but they will likely cross.  Call a friend and discuss today’s road. Gentlemen this is not a one day, one-week project.  This is a lifetime commitment and it needs you to surrender your will to His will!