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Preparing for the Long Haul

via TJC

Prepare your work outside; get everything ready for yourself in the field, and after that build your house. ~Proverbs 24:27

We are all on a journey. When I was a kid we played a video game called “Oregon Trail”. In the game you’d load up your wagon in Independence, Missouri and head west to stake your claim. Along the way you’d have to hunt for food, tend to sick family members and overcome hardships like fording the river or fixing a wagon axle. But your ability to survive depended your preparation and the supplies you started out with and the experience you gained along the way.

Methodic preparation is important to successfully executing any plan. This type of preparation allows us to take stock of our inventory and supplies. We can see if we have what is needed, and make arrangements for what is missing. We can call in support or support someone else if we have a surplus.

Thankfully as Kingdom Men our success isn’t determined by the resources we that we accumulate at the start of the journey. instead, what determines our success is what we do with God’s provision. When we take stock of our supplies it is not our worldly treasures that matter, but our salvation, our identity in Christ, the love we display and our obedience toward His word that illuminates our path.  We see this lived out by Noah in Genesis chapter 6 and in Abram in Genesis 12. Both of these men trusted God, took inventory and then moved in obedience, to build into what God had before them (Hebrews 11:7-10).

Today’s Training: Take stock of your supplies. The Father has equipped you with everything you need. How knowledgeable are you with the tools He’s given you? How proficient are you with His gifts? Lay your inventory out before the Father. Ask Him to fill any gaps and bless the work of your hands. Then get to work. It’s time to build the House upon the foundation whose designer and builder is God!


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