Jesus Christ: His Own Authority

Jesus Christ: His Own Authority

“In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth.”

Genesis 1:1 (NIV)

When discussing authority, the starting point is that God is the source of everything. Nothing existed before God spoke the universe into existence, and He created everything that exists. He is Almighty and, as a result, He has authority over all creation.

In our society, we recognize a creator’s inherent authority. Our government grants patents to inventors, and with that patent, the patent holder has all rights over the underlying product. He controls when it goes to market, who can use the product, etc. Moreover, if someone infringes on the product, the patent holder has remedies to exert his authority over the product. Similarly, we are God’s creation. We have to remember that He (not us) holds all rights to us. When we operate on our terms and not God’s, we are attempting to usurp His control. When the enemy tried to infringe on God’s patent and separate us from our Creator, we have to remember that Jesus is the exclusive remedy that brought us back into relationship with God.

As Kingdom Men, we must remember who has authority over us and what authority God has given to us. This week TJC will take a deeper look into those topics. Yesterday, we defined authority and looked at examples of Jesus’ authority. Throughout the rest of the week, we will take a closer look at Jesus’ authority as it relates to Himself and His authority to forgive and judge. We will also look at the authority He delegated to us as believers. Finally, we will close the week with Jesus’ authority over all creation.

Jesus Christ: His own Authority


“‘The reason my Father loves me is that I lay down my life—only to take it up again. No one takes it from me, but I lay down of my accord. I have authority to lay it down and authority to take it up again. This command I received from my Father.’”

John 10:17 – 18 (NIV)

Jesus came to this world on a mission from His Father. Before Jesus died on the cross, sin separated us from God. Jesus’ death on the cross and resurrection redeemed us from sin and gave us victory over death. Jesus’ death became the remedy for the enemy infringing on God’s creation. Because of His voluntary sacrifice, we are no longer slaves to sin and can have a relationship with God.

In the above passage, Jesus lets us know that His death comes as a result of His voluntary sacrifice, not because someone else ordered it. Jesus informs us that no man or woman has authority over His life; instead, Jesus alone had the power to sacrifice His life. That just speaks volumes to Jesus’ love for us. Jesus traded in His life, a life free from sin, so that my lies, drug abuse, manipulations, and other sins will not keep me separated from God. Jesus voluntarily gave up His life so that your pornography addiction, the abortion you paid for, your affair, your divorce, your idols (money, career, success) or whatever other sins you’ve repented for will not keep you separated from God.

Today’s Training:

Are you robbing Christ of his authority to lay down or take up His life?  Are you directing him to make his sacrifice in line with only those things you agree with?

We live in a polarized/divided society. We constantly demonize each other for having differing viewpoints. The comment section of most news stories and Facebook arguments are evidence of how we look at each other. While we, at times, look at people with differing viewpoints with disdain, remember Jesus loved that same group of people enough to voluntary die for. Jesus used His authority to die not only for those you agree with, but Jesus died for everyone. He wanted all of us to have a relationship with God. Ask yourself, how are you helping to honor Jesus’ sacrifice? Instead of demonizing those you disagree with, honor His authority, love them and help bring them into relationship with God.