John 14:6: Respect For Self. Respect For Others. |
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John 14:6: Respect For Self. Respect For Others.


We want to talk about respect for self and respect for others in the month of January.

Respect for yourself: what you stand for – your values – your identity. Respect for others: how Christians are to regard others, especially those with whom we disagree. For Kingdom minded Men, Respect is the foundation of  “ground rules” in engaging others about religion.

Respect for self and respect towards others means realizing who you are and what you believe in – the things you will not compromise on – the things you couldn’t give up without giving up your sense of self.

Here is our doorway, our Alamo, our high water mark: Jesus answered, I am the way And the truth And the life. No one comes to the father except through me. 

John wrote that – 14:6.

Jesus told John to take care of his mother in John 19:26. Some believe that John took Mary to Ephesus.

Polycarp, from Smyrna, knew John. We have his writings.

Ignatius of Antioch knew John.  We have his writings as well as those of Eusebius and Iraneaus.

So: You can take John 14:6 to the Bank of God and cash it. In the Heavenly Realms, nobody is holding that statement up to the light to see if it’s a forgery.

It’s a given in Heaven and a given on earth. It was a given to the unclean spirit in the man of Mark 1:23-26, the demon who possessed the boy of Matthew 17-17-18, and the many demons possessing both men of Luke 4:41 and Mark 5:8-13.

So we begin there, with this Absolute truth, because you and I can only live in houses where this is the foundation.

We need to know what John 14:6 means. We have to agree and understand that John 14:6 is a non-negotiable for our lives.

Really though – is it so bad? Is it so bad that a God of such radical love and forgiveness happens to be the source of everything that is true and life-giving? Is it so bad that Jesus Christ is, in fact, the way home?  Why shouldn’t it be our starting point in talking about divisive issues? Why should this be GOOD NEWS!


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