Chickamauga: The Role of Communication in a Victorious Life

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So then, my beloved brethren, let every man be swift to hear, slow to speak and slow to anger, for the anger of man does not achieve the righteousness of God.” James 1:19 NKJV

At a critical time during the Battle at Chickamauga, Union General Woods received the following order for his division from Maj General Rosencrans (& bypassing Woods’ immediate superior): “The general commanding directs that you close up on Reynolds as fast as possible, and support him.” This order was confusing and contradictory as Woods was already in line with another division between him and Reynolds. Woods interpreted the order by pulling his entire division out of line and reforming behind Reynolds. We learn tomorrow what happened as a result of this crucial miscommunication.

In order to sustain victory as a believer, we must recognize the various weapons our enemy uses to destroy our progress as disciples. As the “father of lies”, Satan cannot tell the truth (only twist it, John 8:44) and sows miscommunications as part of his schemes. By understanding and then avoiding common sources of miscommunication, we take steps to thwart our enemy’s schemes and live more victoriously. Let’s dig in.

Incomprehension: I wear hearing aids. I’m told by my specialist that, within a few years, I will most likely need cochlear implants. It’s that bad. Without my devices, I may have been able to sleep through the Battle of Chickamauga. I can’t tell you the number of times I’ve made a wrong decision based on what I thought I had heard correctly. Please, men… in relationships, always take the time not just to listen, but to hear. There’s a difference in the two and it can cost you dearly.

Confusion: Do you ever feel like you’re waiting on something that isn’t going to happen? Have you ever tried to explain what’s going on inside your head when you don’t even understand it yourself? Have you ever really examined the source of that feeling? Many times it becomes easy to figure out after the fact… when it’s too late. Been there, done that. Still go there, still do that. Before you act, pray. Sort it out. Seek guidance. You won’t regret it.

Pride: I have a confession (among many). Many times when I “miscomprehend” and blame it on my hearing… I actually never came close to hearing what was said. Instead of asking for a repeat, I just act as if I heard what was said. I justify it by saying to myself, “Hey, I caught so much grief last time, I’ll just skip the embarrassment and move on”, only to be burned by my decision later on. Please… be a man. Do NOT let pride be the source of a relationship failure. No matter who it is or for whatever reason, it isn’t worth it.

Setback: I can tell you without question that my first marriage suffered immeasurably because of the aforementioned communication errors. God has long since forgiven me, but the setback and its implications will be with me from now on. The upside is that, to this day, those memories drive me to my knees on a consistent basis.

Daily Battle Order: Most of us lose our focus in our daily struggles, and especially when it seems like the storm is raging. Imagine knowing your worst fears are about to sneak up on you, then being blindsided, and then mis-communicating with your closest companion, and then having to admit today is not the day and retreating. NONE of that feels like VICTORY. But when we know the enemy tactics, when our communications are crystal clear, when our actions are driven by love, and we could see clearly as Christ sees, we then know that what follows today’s setbacks are instead necessary for the biggest victory.

Join us tomorrow as we learn the result on the battlefield of this crucial miscommunication.

Kingdom Men: The Joshua Commission invites you to join us the weekend of 10 April, on the Chickamauga battlefield in northern Georgia to construct what Victory is for you and your family. 

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