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“ Not with eye service, as men pleasers; but as the servants of Christ, doing the will of God from the heart; With good will doing service, as to the Lord, and not to men.”

Ephesians 6:6-7 KJV

Last time when we spoke on the matter of business, we were reminded of all the wrong that has taken place, and the people who were wronged in the process by those who went about business poorly.

We recognized this way of doing business not only seems to stick around, but it is also an increasing problem. It is very evident we are giving up ground and people are being sued to trust those they should not.

How do we take back this ground? Well, we are forced to reply with a question. When you go to work every day, regardless of your line of work, duties, and status, who are you playing for? Self or God? I use the word “playing” because it reminds me to include talents as part of our work, or maybe your work is a performance for others. 

My son is four. He is catching on to the things of God through church, memory verses, and a Godly animated series called Superbook*. His favorite episode is “A Giant Adventure” (David and Goliath). In this episode, Chris is talking with a young David (future King of Israel) as they play music together. Chris is a talented guitar player as David is with the harp. Chris is struggling with playing in front of a crowd. David simply says to Chris, “who do you play for? I play for the one who gave me these talents; I play for God!”

The point is this, we should not be going about our business for the acclaim of others or selfish gain. Are people’s eternal well-being on your hearts and minds? We serve God through our daily work. We serve others by serving God in what we do, as well as how we do it and our maintaining a willingness and joy with character above reproach. 

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Daily Battle Order: 

Kingdom men. Hmm. Not simply saved men or Christian men; Kingdom men! Ponder whether there is a preponderance of the evidence in your daily business to claim that title. Everything we do must be eternally focused. If you are struggling to claim the title of “Kingdom man”, consider starting with the basics: 

  1. Start by getting on your knees to ask God to reclaim your title and let him remind you that you are a child of the King; and so, act like it! 
  2. Make time for quiet time and reclaim that ground – or retrain your heart and mind through a discipleship program like ‘Every Man A Warrior’. 
  3. Re-evaluate your schedule and consider how it can evolve to be more service oriented rather than task oriented. 
  4. Think about someone who you should make time for (or more time for) and consider the relationship over simply taking care of business – funny, maybe that starts with you and God.
  5. Your life is a snap of the finger eternally speaking; slow down and consider where your missing opportunities to serve God for someone’s eternal benefit; not just yours.
  6. Volunteer and serve with zero expectation of return: not even a business or job opportunity.

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