Memorial Day SALUTE!!

This Memorial Day, we take time to honor the men and women who have served the United States of America, willing to give up their freedom and their very life.  

John 5:13 “Greater love has no one than this: to lay down one’s life for his friends”. 

Those we honor today also died for people they would never know, and our very own freedom. 

May God continue to bless America, and especially those who have given their last full measure for our freedom. 

A special battle order from Chief Don Carlson, USN (deceased). 

“Day of Memorials”

Why are we here?

What is different

about this day,

this place;

this moment in time?

Countless men, women

appear too weak,

too incapacitated to stand,

year stand they do!

Look into the faces

of the tear-stained gruff old me .

They understood the price paid,

for the soul of a nation;

all these men and women,

even now, still stand the watch;

and I am privileged to stand here

to honor and salute

all those who cannot stand!

May God Bless America ! 

Kingdom Men, we will be mustering at Fredericksburg Battlefield on June 25-26. Friday-Sunday; for those able to participate Saturday only, you will receive the benefits of the TJC Battlefield training. Let’s “PRE-DECIDE” to train together! Make the Victorious Road the only option!

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