The Discipline of Silence

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“Whoever restrains his words has knowledge, and he who has a cool spirit is a man of understanding. Even a fool who keeps silent is considered wise; when he closes his lips, he is deemed intelligent.

Proverbs 17: 27-28

“The longer I reject silence and solitude based on being “more productive”; doing some other work, laboring in some other part of the vineyard of the Kingdom of God, the more I actually prolong my growth in the grace and knowledge of the Lord Jesus.” – Alex Early

I’ve learned that without silence there is no realization of a whole relationship with Jesus… not to mention, it’s very beneficial to your well-being to know when to shut up.

Of all the examples of obedience and discipline that I can cite, the one of silence is the hardest to cite in a personal anecdote. Those who practice this amazing “gift” do not exactly shout from the rooftops “Hey, look at me! I’m serving God in my silence!” But there is one person from my past who stands out like a beacon in this area.

My Mom’s Mom; we called her “Granny.” She served God as a Nurse in local health care facilities for most of her life. She was a Sunday School Teacher (small group leader for all you non-boomers), a preacher’s wife, a lover of Christ, and the chief cook and bottle washer to a huge, rowdy Irish family. 

Don’t get me wrong; I loved, respected, and revered my Grandfather as a true Kingdom man and a resolute preacher of the Gospel. But my Granny was the one individual who, to me, was more like Jesus than any person I’ve ever known. Why? That’s hard to explain. She was a quiet person. When she prayed, she was incredibly humble and there was as much listening as there was talking. 

I remember as a teenager sitting in her living room one evening complaining about not getting something I felt like I “deserved” and how unfair it seemed. As usual, she quietly took it in. Then she put her hand on top of mine, looked me in the eye, and said, “You know what you need to do?. You need to find somebody who’s in worse shape than you. You need to find a way to help them.” I didn’t get it at the time. Looking back, that was one of hundreds of “nuggets” she would dispense over the years to many grateful souls. 

People saw Jesus in Granny and many times she had only said a few words to them. Silence is a learned discipline, and God had shown her its power and allowed her to use it for His glory.

For God alone my soul waits in silence; from him comes my salvation. Psalm 62:1

Daily Battle Order:

Our creed says it best: “I will discipline my heart, eyes and tongue to be steadfast and faithful to the calling on my life. Pray that the discipline of silence becomes a part of your armor as you do daily battle and as you share the Gospel with a lost and dying world.

Join us tomorrow as we wrap up our series on discipline and its real consequences.

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