The “One Thing”

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The “One Thing

And he said to him, “You shall love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind. This is the great and first commandment. – Matthew 22:37-38

As we move into the Wingman phase of our Daily Battle Orders, the most important “one thing” we must focus on is learning about not only loving God, but learning to let Him love us. In other words, putting ourselves in a position to cultivate that connection to a holy, righteous, yet personal being. 

What it looks like: Dr. Harold John Ockenga was a Theological and Evangelical icon. Educated at Westminster, he founded Fuller Seminary and the National Association of Evangelicals. He pastored the Park Street Congregational Church in Boston for many years. Ockenga was notorious for his impeccable neatness and decorum. He was never without a suit and tie and always had every hair in place. Stay with me, there’s a beautiful story ahead… Billy Graham was a longtime friend of Dr. Ockenga. During a crusade in the Boston area, Dr. Graham decided to “drop in” one evening on his friend at Park Street Church. He let himself in a side door and headed back through the halls to Ockenga’s office. Dr. Ockenga was apparently the only one there. Billy could see the light and hear a muffled voice, but could not distinguish yet what was being said. As Graham approached the door, he began to push it open, and then he immediately backed off. There was the great noted theologian, lying on the floor, underneath the desk and the rug beneath it, crying out to God, begging for a great revival in New England. It was obvious that, at some point (or points) in his life, Harold John Ockenga had learned the “one thing”.

In order to develop a sustainable and substantial connection with the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, we must develop a love relationship with Him. How’s that done? It’s done just like any other relationship: We must spend time with God. Earlier this year, we talked about finding “sanctuary” with Him. It’s called “quiet time”. It’s a dedicated time to get alone and get real with God. It cannot be faked. It cannot be substituted. It MUST be practiced. 

Here’s the great part: We will learn to do this in a way that you will look forward to your time with God! You will be able to organize your thoughts, enjoy reading and study, get your questions and prayers answered, and actually communicate with Him all at the same time. It will take some discipline, yes. But it will be so worth it.

Daily Battle Order:

From our Creed: “I am a Kingdom Man with a Kingdom vision. Commissioned by Christ. My life is the Father’s. I am intentional.”

Do not waste another day! Own this and experience the greatest love you’ll ever know!

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