“Walk it off, Triage”

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“‘But I will restore you to health and heal your wounds,’ declares the LORD…” — Jeremiah 30:17

Union General John Turchin described the brutal engagements at Chickamauga as 34,000 men are killed, wounded or captured as “the most arduous, most complicated and bloodiest campaign in the west”. Three days of chaos, hand-to-hand combat, night fights left bodies stacked atop one another. Lt Col Raffen, an Illinois infantry commander was astonished to recollect how anyone “could have come off safe without being hit”*

The other day my grandson was riding his bike with his uncle. He had just been warned to not turn too fast on the loose gravel. You know what happened – wiped out and was soon crying with a bloody knee and scratched up chest. 

Yes we were letting him ride his bike without a shirt, but he did have on a helmet. 

As men we tried to calm him down to prohibit the worst thing – having his mom descend upon us and scoop him up. So we tried to calm him and get him to walk it off, “rub a little dirt on it”, and share that scars are cool. It worked till mom showed and fresh tears erupted as she took him inside for bandaids. And then the walk of shame commenced as we wheeled the bike back to the garage for him. 

We have all been there,  and fact is we have many injuries and wounds that we can’t walk off, and the raw wounds and scabs hurt over many years of isolation. 

Wounds from divorces, addictions, accusations, and recovery is hard.  They require triage and restoration. 

God promises to heal these wounds but we have to bring them out in the light, we need to address them properly, walking it off best done as brothers confessing and turning to God’s word together. 

Daily Battle Order: Show up Saturday, 10 April,, as we meet at the Chickamauga National Park Visitor Center at 8:30am. Journey with us as we use the battlefield of 1863 to look at our own lives, and address wounds and more importantly victory in our lives. 

*Bushwhacking on a Grand Scale” , William Lee White, 

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