What We Believe

I am a Kingdom Man. I am created by God to bear His image. I am a son and viceroy for my Father’s work. I am a warrior, lover, teacher and king.

I am a Kingdom Man. Like Joshua, I will be strong and courageous. I will train my mind and body for the battles to come. I will discipline my heart, eyes and tongue to be steadfast and faithful to the calling on my life.

I am a Kingdom Man. If a husband, I love and serve my wife, if a father, a loving father to my children. I will love and lead them as Christ loves the Church. If a brother, uncle, guardian, mentor or friend, I will give honor in all of my relationships. I will lead, teach, correct and train in the spirit of righteousness.

I am a Kingdom Man. I am called to breakdown barriers and free others from strongholds. I am a Peace Maker. My armor is Truth, Righteousness, Grace and Humility. I will stand in the gap for my neighbor and defend social justice for the marginalized.

I am a Kingdom Man. God is my provider. He has given me gifts and talents to exemplify Him with the work of my hands. I will work with diligence and excellence. My labor will be honest and it’s fruits purposeful.

I am a Kingdom Man with a Kingdom vision. Commissioned by Christ. My life is the Father’s. I am intentional. I will grow in my faith, be consistent in my actions and leave a legacy worthy of the race I have run.

I AM a Kingdom Man!