TJC Team - The Joshua Commission
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The Joshua Commission Members

Norm Balchunas, Col, USAF (Ret) (President/Strategist)

State: Virginia


Becoming a Kingdom Man is a journey – “I’m not there yet, but I’m not as rough as I used to be”. Despite external success, I decided to get serious after repeating failures and realized I knew who Christ was, but can say I loved Him and wanted to change. I can thank mentors, family and friends that really showed me Christ love and came alongside time and time again. Their example wasn’t words but doing and changed my entire focus and a desire to extend that journey as Kingdom brothers.

Javin Peterson (Vice President/Operations/Training)

State: Maryland


I have been with the Joshua Commission since its our first trip to Manassas Battlefield. It’s amazing to see how God has used a small group my wife Stefanie and I led at our church. The Joshua Commission has given me the ability to do life with amazing Kingdom Men.


My journey has had incredible highs and devastating lows. But all the while God walked with me.  He has taught me how to forgive and how to accept forgiveness. I grew up in church which laid a great faith foundation for me. But when I got to college I felt like I had all of the answers and none of the questions. I was not empathetic and I was self-righteous. But God got a hold of me. Through hard lessons, teaching, correcting rebuking and training, He showed me Himself and what a Kingdom Man is to be. He’s been giving me questions that continue challenge my immature answers. It has proven to the best and most fruitful training ground for me as I press on toward the mark.

David Annecharico (Secretary/Admin/Partnerships) (Cohort and Church Expansion)

State: Pennsylvania


I believe that the words of our creed are words to live by.  The world is my training ground. My battle is to be an example of loving others unconditionally and without judgment.

Mike Ross (Treasurer/Outreach/Partnerships) 

State: Virginia


I joined a strong Christian fellowship soon after meeting the Lord in my early 20’s in college. The fellowship was like extended family where I grew in faith and learned from older Christians good habits and especially “junk” to avoid. That was the start of living for the King and building His Kingdom. I worked intentionally to not bring baggage into future relationships, especially marriage. Eventually I met a very special woman, overcame strong obstacles, proposed from a White Horse, and won the fair princess.  Our only regret is that we did not meet sooner in life.

Pastor John Dowdey (Elder)

State: Alabama


I was introduced to The Joshua Commission through Matt Shirley. I have the pleasure of pastoring the church he and his family attend. I have had the privilege of having a front row seat watching Matt grow as a kingdom man. I was introduced to Norm through Matt and we instantly connected. When given the opportunity to serve alongside my brothers it was an easy yes. All my life I have grown up in church, as a Pastors kid. I felt called to ministry at 13 yrs. old and spent the next ten years running from it. The Lord met me in the deepest point of depression on restored to me the joy of my salvation and calling. I live to see other men come to know Christ and run the race with endurance that is set before us. I have accepted the responsibility of leading my home first. I believe one of the characteristics of a kingdom man is that we never neglect our first assignment, our family. I am honored to be part of such an incredible group of men. Let’s advance the Kingdom of God together men!

Don Carlson (Elder)

State: Virginia


Hi I’m Don Carlson, I served for 26 years in the Navy and then the US Postal Service..  I retired after serving from Vietnam through the end of Desert Storm. I have been married  for 39 years, have three grown children, and I have been blessed with two grandchildren.  I serve TJC as one of three Elders. I am also a Deacon at Grace Life Community Church.  One of my passions is prayer and poetry and have published past military experiences in a book of poetry titled The Military Affair and I am currently working on my second book of poetry titled In the Hands of The Father.

Brian Lohr (Elder)

State: Pennsylvania


I am an ordinary man of God.
Born and raised on Air Force Bases from Langley VA to Amarillo TX, I am the son of a Senior Msgt. Right out of college, The Lord Jesus invaded my life and set me free in ways I never imagined.


I married up and am honored to be the husband of Linda Lohr and the father of three sons (Jedidiah passed away in 1990) two daughters, two daughters-in-law, a son in law, two granddaughters and a grandson. I have had the privilege of being a pastor since 1989. In addition, I have been a professional head high school and Jr. Olympic head coach since 2004.

While my BA degree was in Art, I am currently pursuing a Master of Divinity at Evangelical University. My passion has been to see men of God mature ‘in all things in Christ’. As a team builder, I work towards every man outstripping me. The goal is for them to surpass me in their success as men of God. But those men MUST work to pass me by. I will not stand still, just to give an illusion of success.


In 2018, The Lord reintroduced meto a dear brother Mike Ross, with whom I had lost track over the years. Mike in turn introduced me to The Joshua Commission. Inviting me to a Gettysburg battlefield training, I was moved beyond words. In October of 2019, the Joshua Commission board laid hands on me to become an Elder. It has been a privilege and wild ride ever since.

Kenan Peterson (Editor)

State: Colorado


I grew up in the church and have been a Christ follower all of my life, but I was far from a Kingdom Man. In my head, I had a causal relationship with Jesus. I would try to avoid sin and do my best to keep His commandments, but I didn’t really rely on Him. My idea was, “I won’t upset you, and you don’t rock the cart for me either. And, I know you’re there if I really need you.” That all changed when I could not find a job. I finished law school towards the end of The Great Recession and applied for close to 1,000 jobs and did not get a single offer. Finally, I heard a sermon where the pastor mentioned something about surrendering every area of your life to Christ, including your job search. The Pastor was looking right at me. Immediately after the service, I called my brother and surrendered my job search and the rest of my life to Christ.

Brandon Clement (Social Media Expert)

State: New Mexico


How I became a Kingdom Man: Grandmother took me to church on summer visits to Missouri. I believed in God, but longing for a family of my own and to have a genuine relationship with Christ lead me to read the Bible. Taking God seriously for the first time brought prayers to action as I met my wife, leaned into men’s groups at church, and changed my lifestyle.  I’m finally allowing myself to be used to shine His light!

Tom Burke (Team 1 Captain)

State: Virginia


I have no idea specifically about how I became a Kingdom Man. No one specific incident or battle I overcame. Perhaps it really started after I moved to the DC area which was over 11 years ago. As I began to grow in my walk with the Lord, He crossed my paths with several strong men, a few of them have become lifelong friends. I started some men’s groups like Wild at Heart and Club 33. These instilled in me a desire to become more passionate about being a man and realizing my true identity as a man. I’m still on that quest I am a Kingdom man and seek His Kingdom daily. Some days I do a better job than others.

Brandon Soares (Team 2 Captain)(Social Media/Website)

State: Florida


I had a rough past growing up and didn’t know what true love was. Did not know if God really did love me or not. I had a lot of heartache in my life. I did not have a father figure at all. I was a lost sheep ready to be eaten by the wolves. At one point in my life I was the wolf. I found myself in 2014 in a church in the movie theater. I gave myself to God and He embraced me fully. I embraced him half way though. A couple years ago I went on a trip and left it all on the line for God. He has shown me his true love and for the first time I was complete knowing I was truly loved. It was me who was denying his love. I have a wonderful wife, church and relationship with GOD because of GOD. God’s still at work in me. Not where I should be as a Kingdom Man. Having brothers in Christ makes the journey much easier because I’m being held accountable. Never leave a man behind!!!!

Benjamin Gerrish

State: Hawaii


I became a kingdom man in college after rededicating my life to Christ. I was raised in the church as a boy, but when I went to college I began valuing worldliness and human philosophy more than the sacred teachings of Christianity. At that time I would have told you I was agnostic, and that God was not knowable. Little did I know that God had different plans for me. A kingdom man named Shawn changed my perspective on Christianity by arguing with me for hours and challenging me to think critically about my worldview and his. I came away understanding that Christianity is a robust way of seeing the world, and I was primed for what came next. I experienced a crisis, and out of desperation prayed a prayer that changed my life forever. I met God through the Holy Spirit as I had never met him before. Since then I have vigorously pursued God through study, prayer, and worship. My hope is that I will be able to show other men what Shawn showed me, and trust God to do the rest. I am a Kingdom Man!

Shane Womack

State: Tennessee


Kingdom Man Story:

The Lord saved and redeemed me on November 18, 2014 through study of the book of Romans in His Word.  Romans 9:11b “not because of works but because of Him who calls.”  The Lord spoke to my heart and mind through His Word that He was calling me.  I accepted His call and continue to be discipled by Him, His Word, and by Kingdom Men. Romans 13:11a “The night is far gone; the day is at hand.  So then let us cast off the works of darkness and put on the armor of light.”

Danny Forgey

States: Tennessee


Born and raised in Tennessee, I take great pride in being a “country boy”. That fact permeates my being, as a believer as well as a citizen of the world. I placed my faith in Christ as a young man, but never took it to the next level until life itself forced me to reckon with that great and gracious honor.


My journey as a Kingdom Man began much later than it should have begun (Big mistake). If you haven’t made the commitment to becoming everything God intends you to be, do not wait another day… freedom, for a believer, lies in total commitment to our wonderful Savior Jesus. Believe it!

Scott Friend 

State: Texas


Although I grew up with my parents regularly attending Church, as well as attending a religious school for 8 years, I didn’t really give my life to Christ until my mid 20’s. With two deployments to the Middle East I felt God calling me and certainly felt closer to Him during those deployments (funny how that happens when we’re able to escape the daily distractions of the Western world). However, each time after I returned, I fell into a party lifestyle.After separating from the service in 2011, I fell into a deep depression after a failed relationship plus the difficulties of now trying to become a civilian again. I found myself drinking heavily and it started to impact my work. When I felt that I had hit somewhat of a rock bottom, I reached out to my supervisor at the time who was a Christian. He immediately helped me find a Church in the DC area. From that point, I linked up with some great folks that truly loved me for who I was, spotted past and all.


I gave my life to Christ in late 2011 and have been on a path of doing my best to be the Kingdom Man God wanted me to be since that point. I am now a husband and a father of three beautiful little girls and have recently given my oath of office to return to the service, this time in the US Army Chaplain Corps. I have a passion for building up Godly men in all aspects of life (business, in their families, and in their local church).


I’m a licensed pastor with the Christian and Missionary Alliance working towards my ordination and currently serve at our local church in McKinney, TX where my family and I live. I am also a graduate of Liberty University with a BS in Religion and currently am working towards completing my M.Div. from Liberty as well. I look forward to seeing how God will use me and my family to impact the Kingdom.

Matt Shirley

State: Alabama


I have always had the faith part of my life, but like many, I didn’t really take hold of that part of what I am called to be until I got older. Growing my family, after getting married and having two sons, has really solidified in my mind, my need to be and lead as a Kingdom Man. The male role models and mentors God has placed in my lie have allowed me to find that path. I’ve learned that God places people in our lives, and us in others’, very meticulously and masterfully. We just have to be willing to pay attention when He does.